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楊雅妤(杨雅妤 , Yumi)

  • Height: 158
  • Weight: 42 KG
  • Measurements:
  • Birth date: 1990-01-15

About 楊雅妤(杨雅妤 , Yumi) Introduction

Yang Yayu (Yumi) , taiwan model younger sister, it is originally outside she what pat frequenter, in famous cameraman - of black Zuo camera lens lead become famous gradually, the WBC that the beginning of the year and good friend patted together last year cheers film and begin to be noticed by more netizen. Do not have too much love to Yumi, do not cross her unique neighbour girl flavor, letting however is netizens slowly the clever medicine of addiction. What as intellectual as Catherine temperamental figure differs is, amiable feeling is the first impression that Yumi gives a person, when seeming to return an university, era goes out to play together with the friend, the girl that encounter is met on the train, white , natural, add without chemistry, have a bit in those days the feeling of fabaceous beautiful younger sister.

楊雅妤(杨雅妤 , Yumi) Photos

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