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趙芸Loveyun(模特赵芸 , Loveyun)

  • Height: 164
  • Weight: 45 KG
  • Measurements: B81(E) W64 H86
  • Birth date: 1990-03-28

About 趙芸Loveyun(模特赵芸 , Loveyun) Introduction

Zhao Yun Loveyun, this Taiwanese gas model can not be that “ bosom implement ” calligrapher Zhao Yun, nevertheless she is having the good figure of 32E euqally, and often the beauty in him Post on the net is illuminated, because this person is angry dye-in-the-wood, the vermicelli made from bean starch of Facebook is as high as 11w.

趙芸Loveyun(模特赵芸 , Loveyun) Photos

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