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Momo毛毛(Ying Zhen , momo)

  • Height: 166
  • Weight: 47 KG
  • Measurements:
  • Birth date: 1995-12-18

About Momo毛毛(Ying Zhen , momo) Introduction

Momo Mao Mao, FB nickname Ying Zhen, taiwan is sending model outside younger sister, read university of Yu Jingwen science and technology, also can be in when after school insular house holds big Xie Gao concurrently to differ and join Wu Yi some outside take an activity, melting and lovely, the figure is beautiful Momo Mao Mao, but comparative,work to model one day portion, contact this to go before long already begin, a lot of cameraman are contended for want to cooperate with her, the person is enraged also quickness is cruel strong, attracted many vermicelli made from bean starch to track.

Momo毛毛(Ying Zhen , momo) Photos

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