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何麦枒(Kerina Ho)

  • Height: 162
  • Weight: 43 KG
  • Measurements: B81(E) W58 H84
  • Birth date: 1983-03-20

About 何麦枒(Kerina Ho) Introduction

He Mai (Kerina Ho) , the bingle exceeding a bosom of Taiwan younger sister, red because of challenge glacial a bucket at the network, be discovered by the netizen she a cheesy bingle very like Sun Yan appearance, but besides facial features, actually they do not resemble, the “ bosom ” of the of 2 He Mai wanting number that resemble least of all! Although He Mai is not tall, but limb is fine, also can dress up very much, there often is colorful substantial change on Zuo color, she what hold the position of dress shop clerk at present also can dress very much take, the collocation that adds originality has individual distinguishing feature very much. Although be an element person only, but also have the vermicelli made from bean starch that exceeds many!

何麦枒(Kerina Ho) Photos

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