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  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 50 KG
  • Measurements: B86(D) W61 H81
  • Birth date: 1994-12-28

About 黄冠洁(BirdyBirdy) Introduction

Huang Guanjie, hypocoristic BirdyBirdy, bird, taiwan younger sister, the be good at teaching by one's own example of 24-32 gym is experienced, the person that also is alliance of a hero enrages belle player. Huang Guanjie reads Yu Furen university, after school time also works in the Burger Control Bistro of Taipei, match by right of V face delicate facial features, still send out all over the flavour of Han Jimei's person, plus exceed perfect proportional figure, become this store " the flower that presses down inn " , inn grows to express with employee, after she came the business flourishing in inn.

黄冠洁(BirdyBirdy) Photos

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