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林冈怡(林妍柔 , DiDy)

  • Height: 165
  • Weight:
  • Measurements: B84(C) W58 H84
  • Birth date: 1996-04-14

About 林冈怡(林妍柔 , DiDy) Introduction

Lin Yan soft DiDy, alias Lin Gangyi, taiwan God singer, be graduated from Taiwan art university, 2013 with additionally two younger sister chorally of Chen Fang language " love you " and explode red, cause attention not only, still be sealed to be " new generation S.H.E " . Now she of solo flight, be signed by actor king month, still be in the film " auroral love " in hold the position of want part, famous degree climb gradually litre.

林冈怡(林妍柔 , DiDy) Photos

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