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林妤臻(雾雨臻姬 , Yunni)

  • Height: 153
  • Weight: 39 KG
  • Measurements: B76 W61 H84
  • Birth date: 1995-04-27

About 林妤臻(雾雨臻姬 , Yunni) Introduction

Lin Yu attain, hypocoristic mist rain attain female singer, taiwan student younger sister, read enterprise of international of Yu Danjiang university to fasten at present, from a child learns musical instrument, ability color holds all concurrently, be sealed to be by the classmate " star bumps into a face to amount to a person " , somebody thinks she grows so that hope like Chen Yan, also someone says to resemble small 1 Lin Zhiling, a lot of curtilage male netizen breathes out continuously she is " on weak Jiang Shi most younger sister " ! The comely face aperture like angel, make a lot of Dan rivers male be born greatly reach curtilage male netizen insanity is infatuated with.

林妤臻(雾雨臻姬 , Yunni) Photos

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