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赵静伟(赵惟依 , Poppy_zir)

  • Height: 168
  • Weight:
  • Measurements: B89(E) W60 H88
  • Birth date: 1990-04-04

About 赵静伟(赵惟依 , Poppy_zir) Introduction

Zhao Wei is depended on (Poppy_zir) , jing Wei of original name Zhao, because overspread a cup of dimension to approach,alone of Zhao of domestic light standard is depended on move free with game " sea thief king " person energy of life is nautical person graceful beauty, be sealed to be ” of younger sister of figure of “ graceful beauty by the netizen, because there is many dew point on small gain,meeting Bao Gongquan is indelicate illicit is illuminated, clear simple image and bold and unconstrained serve as have huge contrast and be heated up search, so-called have her complete set “ is dark black the group picture that takes ” , still be in up to now the network is mad pass.

赵静伟(赵惟依 , Poppy_zir) Photos

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